Exclusive: Modern Slavery victims held on a ‘piece of string’ by Government

Hundreds of modern slavery victims are left in limbo as the Government fails to reach its own targets. Sky News has learned many cases go well over the 45 day time period and victims can’t work until they are assessed.

Sky’s Jason Farrell has an exclusive interview with a woman kept as a sexual and domestic slave for 3 years, and has been waiting 18 months to be officially classified a “victim”.

‘Susie’ was brought to the UK from Ghana by a man she thought she was going to marry, but instead, the man confiscated her passport, she was kept in servitude and forced to have sex.
Sexual exploitation is the most common form of modern slavery reported in the UK, followed by labour exploitation, forced criminal exploitation and domestic servitude.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “Modern slavery is a barbaric crime that destroys the lives of its victims, which is why we introduced the world-leading Modern Slavery Act in 2015 and have put in place the Modern Slavery Strategy.

“The package of reforms we’ve announced to the National Referral Mechanism will markedly improve our system for identifying and supporting victims and lead to quicker, more certain decisions on cases.

“We aim to make a decision as quickly as possible, but we need to ensure we have all the information available, which can take time in complex cases. Potential victims receive a comprehensive package of support while a decision on their case is being made.”

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