YOUTUBER DISS TRACK TAG (not a diss track) | Niki and Sammy

The YouTuber diss track tag! If you haven’t heard a diss-track, where have you been? We’ve made the diss track tag, and you’re all tagged!
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1. First diss track you watched?
2. Who/what would you write a diss track about?
3. If you could delete a diss track from the world, which would it be?
4. Open youtube, type “diss track” in the search bar, press enter, close your eyes and scroll and click randomly on a diss track. this diss track describes your life.
1. how do you relate to the track
2. what would you change about it
5. Favourite memory with this diss track?
6. Nominate someone to do this tag 😏

p.s. we’re digging all of the sidemen diss tracks (and everyone’s reaction vids) because they’re digging at jake paul lols

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If you’re reading this, comment: So much dissing, let’s just spread love like a liberally portioned layer of peanut butter

Please feel free to submit captions which aren’t English for this video!:) Also let us know if you enjoyed this reaction video!

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