Babies in Cars Getting Heat Exhaustion | Drawings Man Presents

Jerry Seinfeld. Cars. Coffee. And a baby!?

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Producer: Evan Altshuler, Brandon Zelman, Amy Bianco
Writer: Alex Evan Meyers
Director: Fred Soligan
Director of Photography: Kristopher Knight
Editor: Alex Evan Meyers
Sound Recordist: Alex Evan Meyers
Jerry Seinfeld: Evan Altshuler
Concerned Woman: Chrissie Gruebel
Baby: Lila Pearlman

Music Credits:
“Hot Sand Wind” by Christy Carew
Licensed by

“Resonating Hit” by Christy Carew
Licensed by

“Exit Closed Ramp” by Christy Carew
Licensed by

“Terrified Cinematic” by Christoph Allerstorfer
Licensed by

“Scam Cinematic” by Peter Jeremias
Licensed by

“You’re What I Need The Most” by Homer Greencastle
Licensed by

“Ultra Maniac” by Edgard Jaude
Licensed by

“C Minor Drama” by Devin Farney
Licensed by

“Bangger 1” by Richard Webb
Licensed by

“Bangger 2” by Richard Webb
Licensed by

“Drum Sting 1” by Richard Webb
Licensed by

“Funky Escape” by Pierre Maxime Terrasse
Licensed by

“Funky Run” by Bertrand Allagnat
Licensed by

Executive Producer – Nathan Russell

Brought to you by UCB Comedy.

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