Intellectual Property, Patent Law and the Politics of Knowledge and Value | Dr Hyo Yoon Kang

Patent law is understood as a central technique by which inventions are turned into intellectual properties which can subsequently be traded and sold. In other words, it acts as the transformative mechanism by which inventive knowledge is transformed into a commodity. Moreover, patents are often seen as hallmarks of credit and credibility. However, they often turn out to be devoid of scientific and commercial values. How do patents then acquire their value?
In this talk, Dr Hyo Yoon Kang from Kent Law School presents current research in which she questions and explores the value and valuation of patents from legal, historical and theoretical perspectives.

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Dr Hyo Yoon Kang’s main research interests are in intellectual properties at the intersection of law, specific knowledge practices and political economy. She explores the assumptions behind intellectual property forms, as well as their emergence and social relations by drawing from insights and methods of science studies, anthropological, literary and social theory. She initially examined the concept of the human person implicated in patents related to human genetic material and information. Subsequently she has extended the focus on the relationship between law and science by analysing their epistemic associations in the patent classification. 

More recently, Hyo has been engaged in three projects. First, she has shifted the focus of her study of patents by analysing the techniques by which patents become associated with value. She is currently engaged in a project examining the constitution of value in relation to intellectual property, focusing on the ways in which patents have become currencies of capitalism. Another project, together with Jose Bellido, examines the development of trademark classification practice and the role of media. In another project Hyo considers notions of copy and originality by exploring the relationship between creativity and copies in compositional practices of Luciano Berio and Richard Beaudoin. 

Major Research interests:
Intellectual property; Novelty and creativity; Value and valuation 

Research Areas: 
Intellectual property law; law and social theory; historical epistemology; science studies 

Major Research Projects:
Current: Patent Value/Valuation

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